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Definition and Etymology of "Theocracy"

A simple definition of "theocracy" is "a community operating under the rule of religious leaders." You could also call it "a system of government in which government leaders and religious leaders are one and the same." However, it takes a little bit more explaining to adequately describe what a theocracy is, what it is like, and the pros and cons of such a society. In order to fully learn the concept of a word like "theocracy," it helps to begin with the etymology, or origin, of the word. It will also be helpful to view historical, fictional, and modern examples. This will all help you to learn and fully understand the term....(more)

Totalitarianism: Definition of Control

Totalitarianism, a large word that many people may not recognize. For those who have lived under the thumb of government oppression, totalitarianism definition is all too real. For a government to have absolute control and control absolutely is a reality that many don't realize. Totalitarianism isn't just a work of fiction....(more)

Understanding the Military Commissions Act

Originally signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2006, and amended three years later in 2009, the Military Commissions Act was an Act of Congress that authorized trial by military commission for "violations of the law of war." Specifically, the act was designed to outline the procedures used by military tribunals to prosecute "alien unlawful enemy combatants" and to confirm the President's authority to establish such tribunals. Military tribunals are military courts that act outside the scope of conventional court proceedings. Officers of the court act as both judge and jury, passing judgment and sentence on captured enemy combatants. To learn more about the Military Commissions Act and how it has shaped military court cases in the United States, read on....(more)

How the Incorporation Doctrine Affects State Laws

The Incorporation Doctrine is a legal theory that effectively allows the Supreme Court to overrule some decisions made by state courts and lawmakers. Currently, it has become a topic of increasing popularity. Today many states want to pass laws that could be struck down because they violate one or more provisions in the Bill of Rights. Gun control laws and laws banning violent video games are examples of this....(more)


Government Guide: What Is a Theocracy?

There are many different governing styles used around the world. One of those types is a theocracy. Theocracies are less common in modern society, but continue to be found around the world. There are a few remaining theocracies based on Christianity, Islam and several other religions....(more)

Understanding Your Religious Rights in the United States

The right to practice a chosen religion, or none at all, is one of the explicitly stated rights that Americans are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Applied tolerantly, this gives rise to a healthy dissociation between church and state, which leads to the avoidance of unnecessary religious conflict within the nation. This article will explore what religious rights are in the United States. It also covers things such as what your personal rights are in this regard, and the history of these rights over the years....(more)

Freedom Organizations

Exciting Activist Jobs for Social Change

Social activism is an intentional action with the primary goal of bringing about social change. An activist is anyone who is fighting for change in society. Social activist jobs are among the most satisfying and exciting because of the feeling that comes with helping others and striving for positive change....(more)

A Short List of Prominent Freedom-Focused Community Organizations

Recent worry about the status of freedom in the United States has led to the creation of community organizations that unite in an effort to promote freedom. They way they go about doing this takes on many different forms, however. Many of these organizations are making a huge impact on social progression in the United States today and have substantial followings. Read on and a list of some of the most active players in the effort to retain freedom will be enumerated and described for your convenience....(more)

A Look at the Demographics of the National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the United States' oldest and largest civil liberties organizations. Their mission is to protect the right to bear arms, which is the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. In May 2013, the NRA organization surpassed a membership of five million people. The NRA is regarded as one of the most influential lobbying groups. Although the organization promotes the right to bear arms, they are also ardent supporters and advocates of safety procedures and using guns properly. Critics of the NRA argue that the Second Amendment is no longer relevant, and only pertained to muskets and artillery in the American Revolution....(more)